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Advanced Digital Marketing Courses | Get Google Certified.

All the Modules in Advanced Digital marketing courses come with Google and other top certifications. So what is Digital marketing? The answer, we need to ask ourselves "Can I stay away from what's happening in the world of web technology". We need to be part of this online Dejavu yet stand out from others with better implementation of our knowledge. We will bring you customized Advanced Digital marketing training courses and E-books, Videos which covers in-depth modules like How SEO works best for you. Top Online marketing tips for 2017, Latest Google Algorithm Updates, SEO Vs SEM, Email marketing tools, Google Analytics for Shopping, and a lot more from the world of Internet marketing which will be in the growing trend as long as online platform serves and connects people with business from all across the Globe.

Over the past few years we have successfully conducted different levels of Advanced Digital Marketing training courses in Bangalore, BTM Layout, Koramangala, HSR Layout, etc. Time and again we have conducted exhaustive workshops for colleges, corporate and individuals. Internet marketing training here will cut short GYAN sessions and will focus on strategies and techniques effective to produce results. We teach website competitor analysis to the best digital marketing strategies, techniques and the most effective tools. Our advanced digital marketing training courses will be completely Classroom based, Easy paced, Practical and Project based. All the trainers are highly experienced in all digital marketing platforms and certified Google and Microsoft trainers. Get in touch know to know the schedule of Free Digital marketing training workshops in Bangalore.


Advanced Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore - India
Advanced Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore - India

How Effective is SEO.

Gain top rankings in Google with Search engine optimization. Probably the oldest digital marketing platform, SEO, over the past few years has evolved in its techniques and strategies. It is now more focused on quality content and manual high DA links.

Google loves Quality Content.

Creative content is written to provide all important information for a particular niche. The value of high quality and unique content has grown leaps and bounds. Google understands this and values websites with unique content which passes the Flesch Test.

Search Engine Marketing.

PPC is one of the popular forms of Advanced Digital marketing Courses and is also referred to as Paid Marketing. Pay Per Click if used effectively can deliver quick revenue via search engines like Google and Bing. Previously PPC was favored by E-commerce companies but its immense success ensured that Start-ups are also using it to maximum benefit. PPC over time and again delivered better Return of Investment.

Role of Social Media in Internet marketing.

The last few years has been nothing short of extraordinary when it comes to marketing via social media.  Popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. plays a huge role in business growth. The value of networking combined with Digital marketing has been re-created by these top social media tools.

Reach out to Mobile Devices.

Reaching out to prospective clients on their mobile devices and synced email accounts. The future of Internet on the Go and hence audience targeting will be done more on Mobile than any other platforms. Digital marketing evolved and multiplied many times targeting mobile and handheld devices. Our web services are explicitly responsive on mobile devices with click based reporting tools. Devices Targeted can be filtered between or include all Windows, Android and IOS devices. Better connectivity on the go is also making accessibility easier.

Branding for Start-ups.

Internet marketing mediums like Social Media have proved instrumental in creating a brand image. Social Media Marketing Campaigns like demographic targeting, geographic or even gender based Ads are a big winner among other campaigns. Newer additions to campaigns where app installs are targeted for mobile devices have opened new opportunities for action based Campaigns. We are not restricted to Facebook however depending on regions we also build content on Intagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

Our Journey So Far

We hope to provide valuable Google and other internet updates via this channel. With Advanced digital marketing training in Bangalore, BTM, HSR layout, Koramangala, India we aim to equip our students with all digital excellence. With several years of awesome experience in optimizing websites and brands enabled us to be a top digital marketing and SEO company in Bangalore and other countries. Our courses are designed in such a way that attendees can take advantage of our all round student support for the next 6 months.

New Course: Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist

We are one of the few institutes to tie up with Amazon and IIEC as partners and introduce different courses. One of the popular courses is Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist where Ecommerce platform is discussed in detail. We will also train on other important aspects like On Boarding a Seller, Manage Seller Products, etc. which also opens up new job opportunities in Ecommerce industry. We aim to make an individual ready to be a part of the Ecommerce arena. Our Digital Marketing Courses along with ATES will offer extra onus in providing individuals the best possible skills for a great career in Online Marketing and E-Market.

Career: Digital Marketing Jobs in Bangalore, India

All the modules in our Digital marketing courses have been created in such a way so that students can get the best chance of landing in a Digital marketing job in Bangalore. Even excellent knowledge in a single module like SEO or PPC can help them grow in the job ladder. We encourage post course completion to follow our Facebook and LinkedIn page for latest digital marketing jobs in Bangalore and other cities in India.

We also offer End to end student support for next 6 months post completion of the training. As part of our classes we have included 2 new sessions on Google algorithm and Freelancing Tips. Other external resources which can be followed are few from Brian Dean and his remarkable SEO techniques.


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