All About New Jio Phone 2: Launch and Features

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December 23, 2018
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November 14, 2020

The New Jio Phone 2 ! Know the Launch Date, Price and Features

And, an Exchange offer for existing Jio phone users

The New Jio Phone 2 : Launch Date

A lot of questions were answered by the Ambani brigade who unveiled the New Jio Phone 2 recently. Yes, its official, the New Jio Phone 2 will be on sale from 15th August 2018 onwards. Customers might want to reach the Jio stores early on 15th August to get their first hands on the new affordable device. The new devices have a whole lot of features to offer compared to its older sibling. We will also talk about the latest additions made on this device later in the post.

Does New Jio Phone 2 supports WhatsApp and other features?

This announcement has put a stop to all gossips about changes to be implemented on the old Jio phone. It was talked that Jio will add features like WhatsApp to the old device, new as such is now gone with the wind (like they say). Now, let’s get down to business and talk about this new member in the Jio family. WhatsApp, yes, finally the messenger service will be supported on the device as a standalone application. It is expected to be pre-installed on the phone but just in case if it is not, you can always download it from the Jio store

The New Additions at what Price?

Jio Phone 2 – New Phone New Price: Come August 15, Jiophone2 will be available at an introductory price of Rs. 2999/- which is actually not bad for the features it has on offer not to forget the presence of 4G Volte support. You can get the Phone with a new sim card which is a new phone number – Another number? What we are still puzzled about is why we cannot use our existing Jio number with the new device?

Few things we will like to inform our viewers is that it is not a touchscreen phone, which makes sense as touch feature on a 2.4 inch will be a hassle. The form factor is more like a blackberry device with a QWERTY keyboard which gives a better messaging experience as compared to other feature phones. The Jio Phone 2 is most likely to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 205 processor as its younger cousin. It has an inbuilt RAM of 512 MB which should be enough to accommodate your important applications. Mind you Jio 2 is not a gaming device and should not be treated like one.

More Features

Now coming to the screen quality, the resolution is just about ok to do the tasks that it’s meant for and not near to the viewing experience that the smartphone offers. Jio Phone 2 is a feature phone and is a good one in this category. The battery is quite decent in this price range and can easily last more than a day’s time with some 4G use. Another point to consider here is the Operating system is not Android but KaiOS which is used in other feature phones. The inbuilt storage is only 4GB and we cannot expect more in this price range. The better thing is the storage can be expanded to 128 GB with a micro SD card.

Jio Phone 2 Full Specifications

  • Release date: 15 August 2018
  • Form factor QWERTY
  • Battery capacity (mAh) 2000
  • Screen size (inches) 2.4”
  • Resolution 240x320 pixels
  • Touchscreen No
  • RAM 512MB
  • Internal storage 4GB
  • Expandable storage up to 128 GB
  • Rear camera 2-megapixel
  • Front camera 0.3-megapixel
  • Operating System KAI OS
  • Wi-Fi Yes
  • Bluetooth Yes
  • GPS Yes
  • Headphones Yes
  • Music Player + FM
  • Video Player

WiFi and Hotspot Connectivity on Jio Phone 2

Yes it comes with the Wi-Fi connectivity option but cannot be used as a hotspot device. Reliance will never allow its phones to have a hotspot as it will just kill the JioFi line of business. Again a standalone wireless device like the JioFi is observed to provide more data transfer speed when compared with a phone hotspot connectivity

Jio Phone 2 Exchange Offer

The best thing about Jio owners and the product team is they listen to their customers' feedback. The old Jio phone was not a best seller because of the lack of applications like WhatsApp. So to counter that problem and restoring its customers' faith on their brand, Jio is offering an exchange policy where old Jio phone owners can exchange their Jio Phone with the New Jio Phone 2 at Rs.501(This is not confirmed yet). For others, they can get hold of their New Jio at Rs. 2999/-

Our Verdict

A QWERTY phone at the price of Rs. 2999/- is a steal and Jio 2 beats most of its rivals hands down. It is a good buy for someone who is tight on budget but needs 4G experience. As far as I’m concerned I will use it as a second phone as other feature phones do not either provide 4G Volte or applications like WhatsApp. Even blackberries do not support WhatsApp anymore and the same will not be available for other brands like Nokia. All in all, I will say this is a steal looking at the features, form factor, price and connectivity options. Come August 15th, 2018 you might want to figure out the nearest Jio Store.