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Digital Marketing and SEO Company in Guwahati and Bangalore

We at Optimize India are committed to bring the latest yet most effective online marketing techniques specifically tailored to get more traffic which will lead to sales and conversion. Any business in order to grow and sustain in the market needs to be consistent in revenue generation and with it comes values and employee experience. We help create that environment so that you can grow and achieve your business goals.

All of our clients who we serve understand that we don’t jump the gun before understanding the product and outlining a strategy. Our services revolves around long term growth and achievements for our clients. Our offerings are based on transparency, regular communication, latest tools and expertise along with unmatchable support. Our Digital Marketing and SEO company in Guwahati and Bangalore, India offers complete solutions in Search Engine Rankings, Social Media Marketing, Web design and development, Email marketing, etc. Our online solutions are completely results based which comes from years of experience and client satisfaction.


We offer a Free Demo Website  Analysis at no cost which also includes important pointers which work as key strategies. We have been optimizing businesses with online presence from start-ups to established organizations. Get in touch with us to know how we can help your business to gain that long awaited momentum towards growth.


Our Digital Marketing services have been designed keeping in view all kinds of clients.


Basic Plan Start-ups or someone who has not gained online traffic we have designed the Basic Plan where we will analyse the product/services and device a strategy where we can create a traffic generation platform both in Google Search Result Pages and on different Social Media Platforms.

Advanced Plan There are many companies who are in business for sometime but have not been able to create a better visibility online. That’s where our expertise will come in the picture – We will not only help get that long awaited online momentum but also improve on Social Media Engagement. We will also devise different Action-Plans to make sure that the online rankings improves which in turn will open up greater room for revenue generation.

Customized Plan This is a flexible plan and will be completely customized as per the client’s requirements. This plan will be designed as per the product or services, popularity, target keywords, social media reputation, etc.





189 $/month

Great for Start-ups and Small Business




269 $/month

For Established or Medium Business



As per Client

Based on keywords

For any Firms or Individuals

We, also offer customized packages based on specific client requirements. Regardless of the package all of our clients are treated equally in terms of service and support with absolutely zero compromise on quality. For any references of current clients or previous work please contact us personally and we will be more than happy to share relevant details of our clients who do not have any obligation to share company name with others. We have been rated very high as a digital marketing training institute and SEO company in Guwahati and Bangalore, India by all of our clients.

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