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July 20, 2019
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How to choose the Best & Affordable Web Hosting Packages ! with maximum up-time?

A Comparison based on usage

Understand the facts

For a novice, web hosting is required to host or save your website on a server for viewers to access it. In simpler words, if your website is not hosted and someone tries to access your personal/business website it will throw an error which can be a shame. Let’s take an example website, who better than Google? Yes, you heard it right. In 2013 the Google website was down for close to 5 minutes and that actually showed that internet traffic dropped by a huge 40 %( Info credit – Cnet). Well, those are millions and imagine how much online business was lost. How is this example related to Affordable Web Hosting Packages – it is directly related to downtime and up-time. BTW, downtime means when your website is not accessible by your visitors due to reasons from your Hosting provider. So, click to choose the Best Web Hosting Company with maximum up-time is of utmost importance. The best companies will provide up-time of no less than 99% and most of the times it will be more than that which is good information..

My Experience with Hosting Companies

Let me take 2 names Go Daddy and Namecheap(Please note all the opinions are my experience of hosting websites for a substantial amount of time) First, Go Daddy – well that is good and right up there with some others which I’ll be explaining in the next few lines. GoDaddy has decent Hosting up-time along with other varied products but it’s way, way too EXPENSIVE. At one point in time I was dealing with more than 15 clients and Go Daddy pricing really burnt a hole in my pocket. That’s when I thought of experimenting with other service providers. Someone suggested me NAMECHEAP and I was like maybe one of those low budget web hosting providers with high downtime. But to my surprise, I was mistaken for a very long way, and I have no regrets about trying Namecheap. Let’s start with their pricing and it was one-third less of what Go Daddy offered. That’s like a lot. I mean startups with low budget should always go with Namecheap and everyone else. Why in the heavens will you pay more for the same service elsewhere? And just to tell you thinking guys, Namecheap provided me with Website Up-time of 99.23% and that for me is better than awesome.

Other Benefits of Namecheap products

Sale days – I have observed they have more sale days with better discounts than others. I want you guys reading this to check other top Hosting companies and their pricing, just remember the uptime thing. Okay, another product is an SSL certificate which is a near must for all websites these days as it creates a secure environment for the visitors. Not only security it gives confidence to the buyers. Let’s talk about the cost, well if you compare the price of SSL layers with GoDaddy. Namecheap offers it like more than 80% less and that is just unbelievable. But technically that is how much it should cost. In the Blog, I have attached the Holiday hosting deals offered by Namecheap and I assure you will not be disappointed. Just click on the offer images and you will be redirected to their highly secured website to choose and buy web products like Domain names, Now get Affordable web Hosting services, SSL secured layers, Email accounts and a lot of others. If you find check the best domain, SSL or hosting offers please click HERE please feel free to leave a message down below.