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Aarogya Setu – A MyGov. Initiative

Aarogya Setu: Corona Virus Safety & Track Nearby Patients

Aarogya Setu, a smartphone app developed by the MyGov. India in association with Ministries of Electronics and IT. This mobile app is designed to help citizens identify the spread of the Corona COVID-19 virus with self-diagnosis options. The App is easily available for download for both Android and iPhone users. Aarogya Setu boasts of a simple interface and available in 10 regional languages and English. Many questions are raised in different forums and news blogs whether Aarogya Setu can trace infected patients. The answer is yes but ...


Digital Marketing Internship Programs

Internship for Hands-on Experience.

We all speak and promote different Digital marketing training courses but is a training certificate enough to start a career. The answer can be debatable. Recently I was interacting with few students who learned online training modules from the top institutes in Bangalore but they still had question marks on their career. From the feedback, we discovered that just training is not enough and they need grooming which can be achieved through different SEO and Digital Marketing Internship programs.


Shopify E-commerce Specialist(ATES)

With our Shopify Courses, we will be providing best in class education in E-commerce and other popular Advanced Digital Marketing courses in Bangalore and other cities in India. E-commerce is probably the most dynamic environment of the Online Arena. This program provides immense growth opportunities for Digital Marketing Experts. India’s E-commerce Industry is probably amongst the top-selling platforms and is growing at a brisk rate. India is well placed with Amazon and Flipkart featuring in the Top 10 E-commerce business across the globe.

Affordable & Best Web Hosting Packages in India

How to choose the Best & Affordable Web Hosting Packages ! with maximum up-time?

First, Go Daddy – well that is good and right up there with some others which I’ll be explaining in the next few lines. GoDaddy has decent Hosting up-time along with other varied products but it’s way, way too EXPENSIVE. At one point in time, I was dealing with more than 15 clients and Go Daddy pricing really burnt a hole in my pocket. That’s when I thought of experimenting with other service providers. Someone suggested me NAMECHEAP and I was like maybe one of those low budget web hosting providers with high downtime. But to my surprise...


Search Engine Optimization Training

Advanced SEO Training.

Our Advanced SEO training course & services are offered in Guwahati, Assam, and other Indian cities. Search Engine Optimization is also known to produce Organic ranking in top pages which can create revenue opportunities as these are direct product results. Rankings will be achieved in popular search engines like Google and Bing Yahoo based on Geolocation. Advanced Search Engine Optimization over the past year has proved to be one of the most sought-after courses in Online Marketing.


Career In Digital Marketing

How does the future look like in Digital Marketing?

Ever wondered! How does the future look like in Digital Marketing? Or is it a good career option? These are the few questions which are asked before anyone decides on a career in Digital Marketing. The thing to keep in mind before switching your domain is whether you can really make a fulfilling career out of it. If the answer is yes, and I mean if you can really master the skills, then go for it. So, is there any other alternative, yes there are many options and one of them is Digital Marketing. Online marketing is completely analytical and strategy based job. Lots of Professionals from different fields are going the online way, as it’s the future. Online Dependency


The DNA for Search Engine Rankings - "Content"

Content is the First Name when it comes to SEO

Here I will list some of the "Top content writing companies in Bangalore, India", and Internationally. The ratings are based on a combination of quality written content, ranked blogs & customer satisfaction ratings. Also, the listed agencies are in random order.


Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore, Guwahati and other cities

Influence of Online Marketing

The online form of marketing has seen growth in leaps and bounds in traffic generation for many businesses who are online in the form of website app and social media. Digital marketing and its products have been in high demand as the requirement of companies grew by upskilling from an associate to a top-level manager. On-time delivery for Web products by our Online marketing agency in India and other countries has been our strong point. We offer Free Demo Action Plan on request and also SEO based website analysis.

August 28, 2016

Advanced SEO Course

August 28, 2016

Social Media Marketing Training

The Growth of Social Media Courses in Bangalore Social Media is everyone’s choice to connect with their near and far ones. Today’s Businesses have understood this […]
August 28, 2016
Google adwords certification

PPC Course in Bangalore, India

August 28, 2016
Online marketing btm madiwala hsr layout

Digital Marketing Agency in Guwahati, Assam