Content Writing Course In Shillong, India

The Complete Course on How to Become a Content Writer in India

You’re on this page probably because you have searched for content writing courses or guidelines. Well, if you’re nodding your head in yes, we can guide you through. Content writing is nowadays one of the leading career options for young aspirants who are looking to pursue professional writing. It is suitable for individuals who love to read, research and finally share their own perspective through wordplay. Writing is a talent and yes it can be developed with decent language skills and persistence. So, if you really think writing is your forte, simply follow our guidelines that are just a few excerpts from our Content Writing Course in Shillong, India.

What is Content Writing All About?

Content is an interesting word with differing interpretations. It means subject as well as a state of satisfaction. And when we use the term Content Writing, it means both. Yes, content development is all about conveying things to others about anything such as a product, an idea, a service or a business. So, your ultimate goal is to explain the subject precisely through reader-friendly, engaging and informative writing so that the readers are satisfied with the information you provide and they make a move.

"Write so that people can hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart" - Maya Angelou

How does Content Writing Actually Work?

The three keywords that we’ve emphasised upon in the last sentence are ‘reader-friendly', ‘engaging’ and ‘informative’. If you can maintain these three elements in all your writing, you’re good to go. And to ace it, you need to practice how well you can play with words. Now, just like these three keywords that have helped us to convey our overall message so far, the content you write needs to include certain words or phrases that have a great significance to the subject you are writing upon. For instance, if you are writing about an SUV car that’s recently launched, you may include phrases like ‘best SUV in India’ or ‘best SUV car of 2021’.

Role of Keywords in Website Content?

Keywords play a vital role in content writing not only because these are significant but also for a bigger cause. Content writing is basically a tool of online marketing that helps connecting brands with their consumers. And keywords are generally the words that people use while searching for something on Google or search engines alike. For example, if someone wants to buy a new SUV car, the person will type ‘best SUV in India’ in the search bar of Google. And finally, the person might come across your article. This is how content writing can benefit a business.

How to Make a Career in Content Writing?

Google or any other search engine uses crawlers or automated programs to look for relevant solutions based on the keywords. Hence, including keywords is a must in content writing so that the sites rank well in search engines. Now you must be thinking about how you can earn from this profession. Well, through content writing that gets published in websites and portals, you can earn your living because you are working for some business that will make a profit as they provide services or sell products to the online readers. Or, maybe because you are reviewing some product or service that your readers will find helpful before they make a purchase. We will guide the prospective writers to develop a full fleged career as a Freelancer as well as a Full-time employee in a Content Writing Company not only in Shillong but in other cities in India as well.

Content Writing Job Opportunities

  • Niche Based Content Writing.
  • Website Content Writing Services.
  • Blog Writing for Current Trends.
  • SEO CopyWriting Services.
  • Product Description for E-commerce.
  • Academic Writers.
  • Resume Writing Services.
  • YouTube Title and Description Content.
  • Social Media Catchy Headlines and Content.

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