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January 6, 2018
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Be a Woocommerce & Shopify Trained Ecommerce Specialist
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We are proud to announce our associations with Shopify, Amazon and other leading platforms. Our Ecommerce Training courses on Shopify & Woo-commerce platforms in India are widely used and recognized all across the world. E-commerce have been a premier industry when it comes to creating multiple career opportunities in India and all across the world. At Optimize India, we are driven to impart Quality Education & Placement to help India’s Digital Economic Development.

What's offered in the Ecommerce Training Certifications?

With our Courses, we will be providing best in class education in Ecommerce and other popular Advanced Digital Marketing courses in Bangalore and other cities in India. E-commerce is probably the most dynamic environment in the Online Arena. This program provides immense growth opportunities for Digital Marketing Experts. India’s E-commerce Industry is probably amongst the top-selling platforms and is growing at a brisk rate. India is well placed with Amazon and Flipkart featuring in the Top E-commerce business across the globe.

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Scope & Career in Ecommerce industry

It’s not Victoria’s secret to say that E-commerce Business has greater career options compared to other online platforms. We have identified that Hundreds of Career options are available. Success is inevitable with practical knowledge in Advanced Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click platforms like Google Adwords & BingAds, In-depth Social Media Campaigns, Reporting with Google Analytics, etc. And obviously, Google Adwords and Analytics Certification combined with Woo-commerce & other E-commerce Specialist Tag will definitely be a great advantage to propel a career in Digital Marketing.

Woocommerce Course Advantages for Freelancers

Yes, you heard it right. To get to the basics a little bit Woo-commerce (a Wordpress platform) has gained immense popularity and growth in the past 2-3 years and is on par with any E-commerce platforms. Our Woo-commerce training are designed for easy learning with multiple freelance opportunities that will open up post completion of the course. A Woocommerce or Shopify E-commerce Specialist in Bangalore, India will be able to explore multiple freelancing career options with great earning opportunities. **Remember Good Earnings comes with great negotiation skills. Details on such opportunities will be explained in different stages of the course. We, at Optimize India, are excited at the prospect of such dynamic knowledge being shared at the professional level.

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