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Google Adwords PPC Course

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Google Adwords PPC Course

Google Adwords Training in Bangalore, India.


Pay Per Click or Paid Marketing is used extensively to get instant traffic and sales by businesses cropped-logo-round111.jpgonline. Our expert team specialize in most effective SEM and Doubleclick campaigns. Such PPC campaigns in Google has known as Adwords and in Bing, it is more popular as BingAds. We, also offer Digital Marketing Training and Certification in BTM, Koramangala and other parts in Bangalore.


google-adwords-certification-bangalore-guwahati-shillongPaid marketing is mostly used by companies who requires quick traffic and response from visitors from different target locations and on different devices. These responses can be leads, inquiries, App installs, sales, conversion, etc.


Learn Doubleclick and PPC course in Bangalore centers located near BTM and Koramangala. Google Adwords can be setup for Search Network, Display Network, Video Marketing, Remarketing and much more. PPC has proved over a period of time to be one of the Most Effective Techniques to generate quick leads and conversions. Google Adwords account managers have reported atleast 2x Return of Investment which allows businesses to invest in Google’s Search ADs as compared to the other popular search engines. We have centers for Google adwords training in Koramangala, BTM, Bangalore, Guwahati and Shillong.


PPC Course in Bangalore: Advanced Modules


~Search Network – Ads seen on Search engines.

~Google Keyword Planner Tool

~Create and Manage different PPC Campaigns

~Learn Efficient Budgeting

~Create Ads focused on Lead Generation Techniques.

~Display Network – Image Ads and Video Ads.

~Remarketing – Reminds and allow visitors to previously viewed products.

~Call Ads – Ask user to directly call to enquire about related products or service.

~Generate Easily One-click downloadable reports.


Search Engine Marketing: Instant Business Growth


We recommend adopting a Paid campaign for businesses with a view to Generate Instant Leads leading to revenue. We use the latest techniques which will enable target visitors to directly call for related products or service. Google adwords certification in Bangalore Guwahati and Shillong, India has been one of the popular subjects and is a favorite among many business marketing models. PPC without which E-commerce industry would not have been there where it is now, more than 70% of Online shopping companies have grown and generated their revenue with the assistance of this vibrant model of Google Adwords and running Search network, Display and Shopping Ads. The demand of Certified individuals in Google Adwords has also ensured many individuals have made a rollicking start to their career as a Digital Marketing  Expert.


Google also offers programs like Google Partners for companies who use Adwords Marketing for a period of time and the Google adwords certification consists of as many as 6 different tests out of which 2 needs to be cleared successfully. Our training program has been designed in such a way that our students post training are well versed to take up the Adwords Certification Test. Our Training Program is also includes modules like doubleclick course which are not offered by many SEM Institutes in India. Our Coaches offers the most Advanced PPC training in Bangalore, Guwahati and Shillong.

Advantages of Google Adwords Training & Certification


Well for Google and for Employers its an indication that the person who achieved Google Adwords Certification has the required competency expected from a PPC Expert. Google has designed the exam in such a way that all the questions covers different Ad types.  Microsoft Search Engine Marketing is done through BingAds, the PPC version of Google.




Search Engine Marketing has grown leaps and bounds in its popularity. When it comes to marketing on Search Engines – Pay Per Click is an automatic choice. With PPC any company can start showing their Ads as early as 24-48 hours. The advantage that Pay Per Click has over Search Engine Optimization is with PPC we can target any product in the respective locations of the client. SEO, on the other hand takes time to rank a website. Technically, SEO takes around 4-6 months to achieve desired rankings for low or medium competition keywords and 6-10 months for High competition keywords. Having said that, we all know SEO still works and will always be in demand when it comes to organic ranking. 


Why use Google Adwords: Google owns the world’s largest online display advertising network and reach 80% of global internet users.



Why Google Adwords is preferred over Bing/Yahoo


Google Adwords helps businesses make 2$ for every 1$ they spend on AD Campaigns.

Around 70% of Mobile searchers calls a company directly from Google search.

98% searchers end up taking the services from the top 1 or 2 results.

70% of searches made on Mobile devices end up in a result based action within 1 hour.

More than 71% Search Share is owned by Google.


Our PPC Training Course in Bangalore, BTM, Koramangala and Guwahati offers Practical based classes. Our Classes are focused on enabling our students to be able to create, run and manage Adword campaigns.  We also assist our students with tips and guidance to be a Google Adwords certified  individual. With SEM training, modules like Doubleclick and video marketing is gaining momentum among brands targeting other mediums to advertise.

We have successfully trained many batches from Bangalore and Guwahati. We also aim to provide affordable digital marketing courses and create a benchmark in this industry. Search engine marketing (SEM) Course has been pivotal in creating jobs for online marketers and will continue to do so as Google ADs has shown a growing trend for the past 3-4 years. Come learn with us and be a PPC expert and Google certified professional.