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Internet Marketing is an adoption of online techniques, targeting products or services to be visible on different Search Engines and their partner sites. Top search tools used are Google, Bing/Yahoo, Askme and others. Search Engine usage has witnessed a growing trend, that is about 3.5 billion searches in Google per day which is huge. Such search numbers are driving different online marketing platforms to be creative in their marketing techniques. Irrespective of startups or established firms, the focus seemed to have shifted to revenue based marketing via different online tools. Our Digital Marketing modules cover the latest technique in different Online marketing platforms. All strategies are focused on 2017-18 & such advanced programs makes us one of the #1 rated & Best Internet Marketing Institute in Bangalore, India.

Growth Vs Demand of Digital Marketing

The boom of Digital marketing allowed all kinds of companies, big or small to sell online including Mobile devices. The winner is the consumer here, as product prices have got affordable with all the competition. Many innovations like mobile wallet and E-commerce applications have successfully reduced the usage of credit cards and the hassle of carrying hard cash. The demand for Digital marketing Jobs in different roles has increased more than 20x which opened the career gate in the field of Internet Marketing. We retrieved Data from different online analytic tools which display the increased demand for Quality Digital Marketing Institute in Bangalore, India.


Times of India→ a leading newspaper published that Digital Marketing will be the most sought after course in 2016. They also predicted thousands of job options in different online marketing platforms will be offered. Even our Honorable Prime Minister has encouraged Digital India initiatives and use tools like mobile wallets and other Digital applications. Such Initiatives has gained immense success after the initial criticism.

We, Optimize India understand this situation and are ready to make our courses and certifications affordable to everyone. Our Internet marketing institute will ensure easy access to our exhaustive training modules, course materials & tools.



Our Training modules are based on latest techniques and strategies. Latest technologies are implemented in classroom training for local candidates and online methods for outstation students. Our Online Marketing Faculties are passionate about imparting knowledge & even conducted Free Seminars and Safe Internet awareness programs.  Going forward we will be making our Advanced courses accessible to other states in India.


Our Dynamic Training modules:

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Other Add-ons and Support Coverage

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We also include modules like competitor and traffic analysis to our courses. Our Faculties are Google certified with many years of teaching experience in digital marketing. Our Courses can be customized as per the requirement of the individual or team. In-depth practical classes and online training offered in our Institute.  We also offer tips on Client handling skills and “How to get going as a Freelancer” for aspirants especially housewives allowing them to be self sufficient. Please call or email us for any queries and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions. You may also request a Free Demo Class or Workshop to understand the scope of Digital Marketing as a career.


With advanced training modules in SEO, PPC, Google Analytics and Social Media. We have introduced new modules like Amazon E-commerce Specialist and Google Algorithm Updates. Call or drop us a message at +91-888-429-4499. We aim to make such career-enhancing courses dynamic yet interactive with live examples and projects.


Please feel free to understand about different digital marketing topics as explained in our blog section.  Google updates, popularly known as Google algorithms affect rankings of website in different niches. The latest update, Google Fred has brought down many websites which has been a talking point off late. To know and understand Google algorithm updates and digital marketing tips please visit our facebook page.