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December 23, 2018
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So! Content Writing is an absolute First?

Or is it just another Myth?

Yes, you heard it right! Quality content is actually the focus area for all online platforms. The not so good part is most companies neglect its importance. We all want results and quickly. But then, there is a saying “Good things take time” which is 202% true. Here I will list some of the "Top content writing companies in Bangalore, India", and Internationally. The ratings are based on a combination of quality written content, ranked blogs & customer satisfaction ratings. Also, the listed agencies are in random order.

Contenthero is one such company who actually are passionate about their customer’s success as much as their own. The ordering system from content hero is also flexible with options from E-mail or App and even through Instant Messenger. They are based out of London, UK. You can check their website https://www.contenthero.co.uk/ for more information.

Protocontent: Talking about Top Content Writing companies in Bangalore we can’t help but mention Protocontent. An interesting thing about them is all content delivered is SEO optimized whether any clients ask for it or not. Now, that’s going the extra mile. Also, the writers are highly experienced in blog writing with flair and on-time delivery. Content curated by Protocontent is neutral in tone and accepted worldwide. For the demo, you may check their website http://protocontent.com or call them at 888-429-4499.

• Next on the line is ContentScribblers who has an expedited delivery time of 3 days and their pricing starts from $11.95 per page. They are rated very high in Los Angeles in terms of content creation. More details about them are available at https://contentscribblers.com/.

Italics a content agency that has been developing engaging content for the last decade or so. They are located in New Delhi, India. They also provide services like thesis writing, book editing, etc. Their contact information is available at https://www.italics.in/.

ClickIntelligence: Located in the UK, they have full in-house writers providing fast delivery. They provide unlimited revisions and serve US or UK clients. One image per content is included and most deliveries are of magazine quality. Their pricing starts from $20 for a 500-word article. Interested parties can get their contact details at https://www.clickintelligence.co.uk/.

Let’s talk about Customers point of view

Yes, we come across a lot of clients who think content is always affordable and is not as important as it sounds. We, as contributors to different domains, cannot bypass such thought processes. On behalf of our companies, it’s very important to educate our customers on the facts. It is imperative to clear the air and bust the myths about and create awareness about content marketing. So, next time you need to grow your business online you know where to go. Search for “Top Quality Content Writing Companies in Bangalore and internationally” and you will get the answer.

What can a Top Content Writing Company Offer?

  • Unique and Artistic Content
  • Blogs with a taste
  • Passionately Created Graphics
  • Customer Satisfaction Driven
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • DMCA & Copyscape Approved
  • Loved by Google

Factual data about Content Marketing

As underlined by https://www.hubspot.com/, supported data is as mentioned below: • Around 70% of marketers prefer content marketing over others. • Web traffic is among the top two most-common measurements of success for content strategies. • Blog is one of the primary forms of media used in content strategies.

Recent SEO changes & How content can help??

As of 10th November 2020, Google has made it clear that manual indexing of website URL’s is unavailable. So, what do webmasters do? Well, it’s simple and clear – Content is the way to the heart of Google. Algorithms will change and evolve with time but the importance of quality content will not. As a marketing agency, we strongly believe that “The DNA of SEO is and always will be Content”.