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December 23, 2018
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September 29, 2017

Ever wondered! How does the future look like in Digital Marketing?

Or Will an Internship Program Help?

What's Included in Digital Marketing Internship in Bangalore & Shillong?

We all speak and promote different Digital marketing courses but is a training certificate enough to start a career?. The answer can be debatable. Recently I was interacting with few students who attended online training modules from the top institutes but they still had question marks on their career. Understanding this drawback, we discovered that just training is not enough and they need grooming. And that can be achieved through Practical Digital Marketing Internship Programs.

Bridge the Gap from Trainee to a Professional

Our students, trainers and decision makers got together and brainstormed on these issues over the next few days. What we came up with is the need of experience. This vacuum which existed among many trained individuals can be covered with Hands on Experience on Live Projects. Our Internship Programs is offered for 3 or 6 months period. This junior level experience is offered in modules like SEO, PPC - Google Adwords, Social Media, Google Analytic & Email Marketing. We will also groom the amateurs to perform and create website analysis reports and how to present them to the clients. Our focus will be to identify and enhance the skills of the interns so that they can be confident to be able to successfully handle live scenarios.

How about Placement

Placement is the reason why we have started the whole Internship program in the first place. We will educate the candidates on the desired job profiles and what is expected out of the individual by a company. We have designed modules especially for amateurs who are looking for their first break.

We have introduced Online Marketing Internship Programs to cover additional areas like Workplace ethics, Professionalism and Behavior Improvement. Optimize India boasts association with more than 30+ companies to widen job opportunities for the Freshers and Experienced Candidates. All our Interns will be allowed to experiment with different campaigns(Paid and Non-Paid), SEO, Social Media, SEM, Email Marketing Campaigns, Competitor Analysis, etc.

What our Digital Marketing Internship Offers?

  • Understand Digital Marketing Modules
  • Work on Live Projects
  • Analyze Competitors Data
  • Run Paid Campaigns
  • Create Client Reports
  • Internship Certificate
  • Top Industry Certifications

Other assistance offered:

We have also designed a system where we assist the aspirants to create effective resumes highlighting their skills. Now, the next important cog in the wheel is clearing an Interview process. We have come up with 2-3 mock interviews systems where difficult and unknown scenarios are presented in real time.

Our exhaustive process is going to create confident marketers. Look, many youngsters failed to get a job irrespective of the field, the reason being lack of experience. Hands-on work experience can bring out the best in an individual. We will try our best to provide such opportunities to freshers. Please feel free to know more about our Digital Marketing Internship Programs in Shillong & Bangalore, India.

Do we provide an Internship Certificate?

Yes, for candidates who successfully complete the whole program and tenure is offered with an Internship certificate. The certificate can be offered as Junior Digital Marketing or just Internships. Also, Internship is offered on available programs. During the tenure, the individual can also mention their contribution to the projects that they have worked on and also the outcome of it.

We also encourage students from different fields to join our Internship Programs. The same is also offered to those who want to change their field/domain. Digital Marketing is very dynamic in nature & aspirants have always grown as a working professional or as a Freelancer. We have observed that certain individuals are very creative with their writing skills. And, to encourage their talent we get them to associate with the best content writing companies in India. Plus, get an internship or an employee certification from them as well.