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Career in Digital Marketing

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17.Jul, 2017 Comments Off on Career in Digital Marketing Digital Marketing

Career in Digital Marketing

Ever wondered! How does the future look like in Digital Marketing? Or is it a good career option? These are the few questions which are asked before anyone decides on a career in Digital Marketing. The thing to keep in mind before switching your domain is whether you can really make a fulfilling career out of it. If the answer is yes, and I mean if you can really master the skills, then go for it. So, is there any other alternative, yes there are many options and one of them is Digital Marketing. Online marketing is completely analytical and strategy based job. Lots of Professionals from different fields are going the online way, as it’s the future.


Online Dependency


Look, all IT and non-IT based services are dependent on how they are presented online in the eyes of visitors. Mind you, Google is not the only online platform. We have powerful Social Media tools like Facebook, Video platforms like YouTube, Different types of AD Campaigns and Email Marketing to name a few. Recently, we observed a spike in the growth of Digital marketing jobs in Bangalore and other cities in India.


Digital marketing jobs in Bangalore and other cities in India is set to provide great career options. SEO, PPC and Social Marketing Skills are also the skills Employers look for while hiring.




The myth is such lucrative career is applicable only for Engineers or someone with a highest level degree. One of the better things of this era is companies look for skills rather than educational degrees. Over the past decade or so companies have realized that people with polished skills can make a business work than just recognition on papers.  However, having said that, MNCs would still hire a Digital Marketing Analyst with a minimum college degree.



Join the Bandwagon:

How this online explosion happened and what triggered it. To put it simply, exposure to internet media and awareness showed entrepreneurs that businesses which have an online reputation have grown substantially as compared to those who didn’t. After much research on such data we understood that the year 2016 has realized over 40% growth in the field of Digital Marketing. Another interesting piece of stats show sharp increase of online users in the age group of 50 or more.


Industries offering Great Digital Marketing Jobs in Bangalore:

After much studying of data from sources like Facebook, LinkedIn, Job Portals, etc. it’s understood that the following types of companies have hired employees in different Internet Marketing roles:

  • E-commerce or Online Shopping websites.
  • Real Estates
  • Health and Beauty Clinics.
  • Non-profit and NGOs.
  • Schools and Colleges.
  • IT services and solutions.
  • Medical and Hospitality Industry
  • Spa, Yoga and wellness centers.
  • Education and Training Institutions.
  • Local business like Restaurants
  • Mobile Application solutions
  • Market research
  • Web design and advertisement companies
  • Other local and International services
  • Popular Job Profiles includes SEO Jobs in Bangalore, digital marketing jobs in bangalore, etc.

Why Us: At, we will make you Digital ready to take on and fulfill the ever increasing demand of different online requirements. Our exhaustive certification programs will skill you to master top web based applications so that you have multiple career options both as a freelancer and professional.


On Demand Digital Marketing Modules:

Courses offered can be customized based on the requirement of the individual. However, we always recommend taking up the complete program as that will provide more career options rather than one or two. Our recommended program will cover the following modules:

  • Advanced SEO techniques of 2017.
  • Latest Social Media Campaigns.
  • Google Adword Certification.
  • Pay Per Click – Search Network Campaigns.
  • Display Network Reach.
  • Pay Per Click– Double Click and Re-marketing.
  • Pay Per Click– Mobile App Installs and Engagement.
  • Customized Excel Reports with Google Analytics.
  • Learn 2 Top Email Marketing Tools.
  • Easy Reach on Mobile devices.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Set-up and FAQs.
  • How to Create Effective Blogs.
  • Write Effective Content and Dos and Don’ts.
  • Understand Competitors and Website Analysis.
  • Google Algorithms and how it works.
  • How to Rank in Top Search Engines.




Certifications and Internship:

We have created Training modules in such a way that emphasis is placed on practical mode of learning. We also offer various Internship to make sure that aspirants are ready to kick start their career in Digital Marketing. Our sessions on Google training course enable the students to clear different certifications offered by Google and the Institute.


Why SEO Jobs will always be in Demand

SEO is the base of Digital marketing. When marketing of brands and products started SEO was the only platform accepted and used. However, over the period of time Digital marketing evolved and other forms of advertisement came into existence. But SEO has and will never decrease in its demand as Search engine rankings can only be achieved by different SEO techniques. We have observed from our partner companies that there is always high demand for SEO jobs in Bangalore and other cities in India. 


Our Training Guarantee:

We understand that students might not be sure about the effectiveness and career in Digital marketing. And this is why we offer the initial classes at zero fees and without any commitment. From time to time Students has to complete different online questionnaires and surveys to keep the training more interactive and engaged. Know more about us and our vision of a digitally literate India.


Placement assistance program:

We have incorporated different initiatives like Demo Interview sessions, Resume building, Interview FAQs, etc. to update the students and create confidence levels to clear those important interview stages and start their career in Digital Marketing. Our placement program has enabled the students in different Digital marketing and SEO jobs in Bangalore and other cities. Other popular skills includes PPC and Social Media Marketing.


Is Digital Marketing Short-Term:

Many people hesitate to accept the Digital medium believing that it’s temporary. The fact is Internet Marketing is here to stay and dominate how people shop or make decisions online. Online Marketing is an ongoing process as Internet, as a medium is constant and evolving on a daily basis. Digital Marketing Experts are fully aware of this dynamic environment and the need to upgrade their knowledge regularly.


Program Awareness:

We organize workshops and demo sessions for existing and new online enthusiasts to keep everyone updated with the latest changes from the Internet arena. Such initiatives are not limited to institutes but extended to different corporate and online groups. Our Facebook page is dedicated to post such updates as and when officially announced. We don’t like spam and the unique thing about our email subscription is we respond to all queries.

Your Feedback is important: In case of any discrepancy or any update which you want to be posted just drop us an email at We will review your request and post approval will release an update on the same. Please understand all the training or career related queries are answered via our contact page. Just remember it’s never too late join the online bandwagon and start your adventurous career in Digital Marketing.