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Google places for Business

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31.Oct, 2017 Comments Off on Google places for Business Digital Marketing

Google places for Business

Target Google Maps – The next big Marketplace

A few years back in 2005, a company called 2 technologies came up with a Web Mapping service using C++ Programming language which was later acquired by Google and was named as Google Maps.

What followed next is a series of updates to the mapping software where satellite imaginary, the street view of maps, 360 panoramic views, etc were introduced to the users. Without knowing users started to Target Google Maps, a favourite among its users and offered as a default app on all Android devices.

Google Maps popularity multiplied many times and regular updates of its imagery in terms of cities and streets with the assistance of its aerial photography.  The precise and accurate locations in G-maps have re-defined services like Hotels, Shopping, etc. to name a few. With data connection quality improving on a daily basis we no longer type landmarks but share locations with just a couple of taps.


Maps with Fast GPS Tracking systems

GPS sensors are no longer slow and battery consuming. They can quickly track addresses in a matter of a second or two and auto-share with multiple devices in case of an emergency. GPS systems are auto-integrated into apps where it’s auto-enabled and disabled post usage.

In the last month or so Google has been sending notifications to its users to answer questions about places and the facilities they have on offer ex: availability of parking facility, entrance systems, etc.


Google places for Business | Ads on the Go

With more than 2 billion active Android users and 2.3 million of Google searches are been recorded every second across all devices.  The recent developments are a clear indication that Maps is the new selling arena for Google places for business. Adwords, Google’s PPC is been encouraged to most of Google My Business users to run My Places Ad Campaigns. Within the next few months, it’s been estimated that we can see different kinds of promotional activities on Maps. Google Maps has opened up a completely new platform to advertise different Digital marketing activities on the go.


Discounted Cab Booking

The newest addition to Maps is that of Uber, a cab booking facility without having to download the Uber application. Viewers are offered an extra discount when anyone books a cab from this versatile navigation system. Google street view now displays areas with high traffic and suggests alternate routes to skip the long queues.  Such enhanced experience on a mapping system is one of its kind and hence driving more and more users on a daily basis.


Food Ordering on Maps Ads

While on a long drive this mapping system can track the drive time and hence suggests nearby restaurants taking the travelling experience to a new level. The voice navigation system that Google offers is second to none in terms of its accentuation and ease of accessibility. Such suggestion provides users additional information about hotels and restaurants with the availability of valet parking.


Few Unknown Features of Google Maps

Now let’s discover few extra things that can be done on this navigation system. Few of us know that we can track our past activities on Maps by visiting We also have options to create our own custom maps on Desktop by saving our locations. You can find great hangout places by tapping on the Explore option in the main Google apps menu. We can even share places and locations that we like with our friends and groups. Also, to save data in low network areas we can save maps which can be accessed offline as well.

We also ran a quick comparison between Apple and Google Maps and interestingly enough Apple’s version of a Navigation system and 3D views are on par with Google’s. The battle between 2 of the best mobile device manufacturers ensures that the end user is on the winning side. The additions on both the Map versions are free to download and access making the mapping application as one of the top favourites amongst its users.